Caciocavallo Cheese With Truffle

Caciocavallo Cheese With Truffle

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The dairy production of dairy Pulsone is done through the manufacture of raw milk from a careful selection of stalls exclusively national: the Plateau of Asiago, Arborea, Piedmont and Valle d'aosta.

The processing is a daily process and takes place in full respect of nature and with the utmost care to hygiene during the entire production cycle.



The milk is brought to temperature by the use of heated plates, then not subjected to the trauma due to the direct clutch of the steam.

The natural rennet is enzymes, and comes from pelletta of vitelline infant; the yeasts are carefully selected and prepared in the company.

The spinning is a semi-automatic, and the salting and packing are immediately subsequent to the production cycle.

The supplies of the products are daily and the distribution is made in 24 hours.


Cow's milk, rennet, salt, truffle 1‰

The chemical-physical characteristics:

Fat 31,4 g/100g (+/-1)

Proteins 36,6 g/100g (+/-1)

Carbohydrates 0,1 g/100g (+/-0,5)

Microbiological characteristics:

Coliforms < 1000 UFC/g

E. coli < 100 UFC/g

Staphylococci coag. + < 10 UCF/g

Listeria monocytogenes absent/25g

Salmonella spp. absent/25g

Nutritional table:

Energy values expressed in g per 100g of product

Kcal 430

KJ 1800

Calories from fat 283 Kcal


The packaging materials of the product are suitable for contact with food

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