Pecorino Cheese
Pecorino Cheese
Pecorino Cheese

Pecorino Cheese


The pecorino cheese seasoned to a "T" mark (Trotta) from table and grating cheese is produced only in springtime, when the grass of the pastures bruciata from the sheep is more green and full of colorful flowers that spill their pigments in the milk, offering to work with the raw material fat-and protein-rich...


The crust, with seasoning, takes on the color brick and the roughness is obvious as the pecorino was born in a "fruscelle", i.e. baskets of rushes. The salting is done dry by spreading the salt on the forms themselves. Inside, the paste is straw-yellow in colour, soft in the beginning and becomes compact with the passage of time, with well-regular and "lacrimose", testimony to the fact that the product has been aged with care.

The palate is very soluble, the smell is fruity with a tendency to the animal. The shape is cylindrical, with the sides convex and regular, the weight varies from 3 to 12 kg.

The forms are placed to mature in "warehouses", the basement with stone walls in conditions of aeration, temperature and humidity are controlled in a natural way but with the utmost attention given the long period of maturation that lasts at least 6 months and you can protarre over 18. During this period, the forms, resting on the small of wood at exact intervals are brushed, greased with extra virgin olive oil and stir in on themselves. The seasoned pecorino, "T" enhances even more its quality organoleptic combining it with full-bodied wines, fruit preserves (pear), grape, cream of peppers, honey of the first quality of the High Molise. ...try it and... good appetite!

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