Shipping and Delivery ships all over Italy, including the islands, directly to your home. With can request the shipment of the purchased products to an address different from that of your residence, simply indicating the delivery to you more comfortable for delivery in the space provided on the order form during compilation. It is also accepted delivery on appointment, and the payment in cash to the courier (short-term). Most of the products is placed under vacuum at the time of shipment.

Shipments within 24-48 h

Every day we make our customers more and more satisfied. Priority is for us to dispatch the orders as soon as possible. The average of our shipping is within 1 business day. Our courier will usually deliver Monday to Friday within 24 hours on all the national territory and in 48 hours, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Islands and difficult to reach locations and devices.

There is no one to receive the parcel?

The courier will make each shipment a first and a second delivery attempt. If the shipment cannot be delivered, because no one is present in the house, on the first attempt, the courier leaves a notice of passage", that contains key information such as the number of consignment and contact details to arrange for delivery. In the case in which also the second attempt, the recipient is absent, the shipment will be kept in storage at the office of the Courier of expertise in the area.

The receipt of the parcel

For the complete security of your purchase, when the Courier will finalise the delivery according to the mode chosen by you at the time of purchase, you will simply need to check for any inconsistencies important:

the integrity of the pack: not damaged or wet and conforms to the standard characteristics of a parcel.

Possible disputes, in reference to the inconsistencies thus far described should be readily lifted from the carrier (as indicated below) because, in their absence, the product is considered to act properly delivered.

In the case of tampering with the package

At the time of the receipt of the parcel, if damaged or tampered with, you can choose between two solutions:

You can accept the parcel with reserve, in that it accepts the order but before signing the document must write "I Accept with reservation because the package has the following event (describe the damage that you observed on the parcel)". In this manner, it is possible to be compensated for any damage, which is definitely noticeable once you open the package.

You can refuse the package for tampering. By refusing the package for tampering, you will need to notify us in a timely manner to address or by telephone to the customer service 0865 1945890.

Attention: if it is not made at least one of these two modes of dispute and deems the parcel regularly delivered.

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