Molise is a collection of places, of people who have written our history over time. Our time. Molise is rich in these testimonies and these millenary experiences. A Region, which offers a tourist, educational and educational path that spans the evolutionary path of HOMO, from prehistory to contemporary history.

A time jump that has the beginning of the journey in the Territory Pentro with the site of the archaeological museum of the Paleolithic (Isernia). From the Upper Molise in the archaeological sites of the Samnite period (Pietrabbondante), to the Roman colonies (Venafro and Attilia). From the valley of the Volturno river, with its medieval testimonies of abbeys and castles (Castel San Vincenzo and Cerro al Volturno). From the area of ​​central Molise with the important historical and religious heritage of important bishop towns (Campobasso and Trivento). From the Lower Molise with ancient inhabited centers of Roman and medieval times as evidence of a multi-ethnic and millennial cultural integration (Larino, Ururi and Portocannone). A magical territory full of wild places, mountains with fantastic landscapes (the Matese and Mainarde mountain ranges), historic centers, natural parks, oases, genuine and artisanal typical products of the Molise tradition.

A small (large) Region, to visit in all seasons that can become a perfect destination for your holidays.

Aeserninorum - Historical re-enactment

Aeserninorum - Rievocazione Storica
Aeserninorum - Rievocazione Storica
Aeserninorum - Rievocazione Storica
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