Bean Snowflake

Bean Snowflake

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Bean Capracotta "Snowflake"


The bean is considered to be one of the legumes the most important and most cultivated in the world. The domestication and evolution of this plant, native of America, is duration 7000-8000 years, during which time he has transformed from wild to cultivated plant for human consumption. It is a species very polymorphic, with many different varieties. Also in Capracotta, in the past, it sowed seeds of some cultivars are very particular that with the progressive abandonment of the countryside of the mountain go almost fading away completely.

With our company, therefore, we have implemented a complex work of recovery of ancient seeds, by selecting new varieties that have arisen spontaneously through natural breeding. The result of these operations was very charming, satisfying, and addictive, especially from a botanical point of view. The variety that the company Miccole cultivated are mainly six. All very rare (some even impossible to find), and of great value.

The beans are, like all legumes, is a food healthy, nutritious and tasty, especially rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins (niacin, folate, vit (j), minerals (potassium,phosphorus,iron etc). All the varieties described here are an actual local ecotypes, with different properties from every other bean.

The method of collection is manual, pulling gently on the pods dry and then mature from the plant and, as for the lentils, and then, after having accumulated a good amount, you move on to typing.

In our company you will never find the species “common”, which is already widespread and widely cultivated. We, in fact, we aim to preserve and revive these ancient cultivars, (we are the only company in the region of Molise in the store still have these seeds), trying to rediscover with you the flavors of a time past.

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