Fettuccine with Basil 500g

Fettuccine with Basil 500g


Long Pasta and processed by rollers and dried at a low temperature. Cooking time 8 min.

Ingredients: Durum wheat flour, basil, water.

Packaging: transparent plastic Bag 500g


For generations, the family Antenucci was in charge of the food. The experience handed down to us today allows us to select the best raw materials and have the knowledge necessary to transform them into finished products of exceptional quality. autoCosì, thanks to a skilful processing in the mills and after a long and careful drying at low temperature, we make the pasta tasty and energetic, and addition to produce it simply durum wheat semolina, or with eggs, we also make special pasta you are working with Mushrooms of the Molise, Truffles of Molise, hot Peppers Molise, organic Spelt Pasta,Organic Flour of wheat, Hats, Pasta and many other specialities. Linked to the traditions we have chosen to accommodate our customers in a picturesque alley in the historical centre of Isernia, where you can buy fresh pasta of the outstanding bill and stuffed pasta from the taste unforgettable.

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